At Memories Xpress, we understand that it may be difficult sometimes to work with a printing company that you’re not familiar with. So how can you ensure that you’re going to get a quality product? In addition to all of the other advantages offered by Memories Xpress, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you aren’t happy with your printed project, return your order to us and we will give you a full refund. Or we will reprint your order at no charge. It’s your choice. No questions asked and no hassle!

We have been printers since 1986 and have heard the horror stories clients have experienced with other printers. You won’t have those problems with us! We are a small business, one where the owners are heavily involved in all facets of the business. We work hard to make sure we are improving our facility and our production every day. We understand how hard you, our client, works to get your project completed and how hard you work for your money. That is why we will always do what it takes to make sure our clients are happy. If you are not happy, then we failed as a company and don’t deserve your business. We stand behind our100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you have any hesitation, take a look at our online profile and all of our 5 star reviews. It won’t take you long to realize we are not your average printing company. Give us a shot to EARN your business, place your order today!

To get started, check out our online pricing calculators. You can put in the specifications for your printing project and get instant pricing. You can then change any aspect of the job and update the pricing. Our pricing is very transparent and it is very easy to find out for yourself what your pricing project will cost.

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