How Important Is Printing in Color?

We all know that printing in color costs more than printing in black and white. How much more expensive?

Let’s look at an example: assume you are printing 100 copies of a 60 page saddle-stitched magazine, finished size 8 1/2 x 11, on 80# gloss text stock with the cover on 80# gloss cover stock. At Memories Xpress, it would cost $746 plus shipping to print the magazine in full color versus $510 plus shipping to print in black and white, for a difference of $236 or 32%.

So Is It Worth the Extra Cost to Select Printing in Color?

Studies on the impact of color would indicate that it is probably well worth the additional cost to select color printing. Consider these facts:

One study found that 93% of consumers felt that visual experience was the most important factor when deciding on a purchase, with 85% saying that color was the most important. (Source: Seoul International Color Expo)

Another study found that consumers judge a product within 90 seconds of seeing it, with color impacting 62% to 90% of their initial impression. (Source: Institute for Color Research)

A colorful ad is read 42% more than a black and white ad, with readers spending twice as long on a color ad. (Source: Strathmoor Press)

Color improves readership by 40%, comprehension by 73%, and learning ability from 55% to 78%.

A black and white image holds a person’s attention for only 2/3 of a second, while a color image holds attention for 2 seconds.

A consistent color palette can increase brand recognition by 80%. (Source: University of Maryland study)

Improve the Effectiveness of Your Project with Color Printing

While we all want to be as cost effective as possible with our printing projects, color may not be the area where you want to cut back. The studies on the effectiveness of using color clearly indicate that color printing will make your project more effective than black and white printing. We live in a visual world, where we are all used to seeing things in color–in the world, on our computers, and on our televisions. People now expect printed material to be printed in color as well, so if you want your printing project to have a lasting impact, color printing is probably the way to go.

Fortunately, you have found a great printing partner to help you with your color printing project. At Memories Xpress, we excel at printing your memories in color at a very reasonable cost.

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